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i404 New, Upcoming and Discontinued Features

Purpose: The purpose of this document is to give you an overview of the new i404 site

About i404: This website is created for Keeleyn's to easily access the new i404 site

Who is this for: All team members

Accessing i404: Https://

Updated Features


Mobile Friendly Webpage

The new site uses collapsible panels instead of the grid view on both the mobile and desktop site making it easier to interact with.

Interactive Notifications/Communication

When an inspection has been conducted on an Action Plan, the owner of the action plan will receive a notification on the inspection icon. Additionally, a bell icon will start to ring in the top right of the screen by the silhouette icon.You will still also recieve an email when an inspection takes place as well

Inspections are now a communcation piece! You can see the history of the dialog when viewing action plans and jump into the conversation. This feature also exists for updating your ation plans status, you can use them to provide reminders to yourself on where you left off or just keep updates so that when others inspect your AP they can help contribute.

Saved Groups vs. Custom Views

PLEASE NOTE - with the new design we were unable to recreate your saved views from the legacy system into the new website. Any custom views you had will need to be recreated, if you want to know what you had before, please reach out to and we can assist.

My Overdue AP’s View (now in active AP’s)

In our legacy system the Active and Overdue Action Plans were listed under separate view. Now they are all listed under Active APs and Overdue APs will simply highlight red to indicate that they need immediate attention.

Active Action Plans Count

The Active count in the compliance report used to take the number of APs you have and subtract the overdue to show you the count. In the new system you Active count will now reflect to APs In Progress even if they are overdue.

New Features

Below is a list of a few of our new website's features but you will notice quite a few enhancements that aren't listed below as you navigate through the site!

The Org Chart

Underneath the org chart icon, you can view a fellow Keeley'ns org chart of Team Members who are contributing to action planning. This will show supervisors, colleagues, and direct reports all in a centralized location.

Personal Dashboards

Personal dashboards will show the number of completed action plans, inspections and APs by quadrant for each month giving you a visible view of how action planning is working for you!

Shading of Upcoming and Overdue AP’s

Any action plans that are past due will now be shaded in red. Any action plan with a commitment date within the next 5 days will be shaded in yellow, and any action plan with a commitment date of further than 5 days in the future will be shown in white. This allows quick visibility to help with keeping your APs up to date and helping you focus on those that are quickly approaching.

Printer/PDF Friendly

The Home, All Active APs, Completed APs and Compliance screens have all been made printer friendly. Even better they print with your filters applied!

My inspections View

In the legacy system you were able to view any inspections you had completed on someone else's action plan. We are currently working on restoring this feature in our upcomming sprints, for now you can view your current month's inspections by clickin on the MTDI label on your personal dashboard.

Collaborative Action Plans View

When viewing your active APs in the legacy system you were able to also see the list of action plans you were identified as a contributor for as well. This feature allowed you to quickly bookmark action plans that my involve you and that you are interested in following a well as allow you to identify contributors on your APs. You can still identify and mark yourself as a contributor but there is currently no easy way to see those APs you are a contributor on. This feature will be restored in an upcoming sprint.

Compliance Report By Company

In our legacy system there were 3 PowerBI reports that showed compliance, the current functionality in the new systemi is to show everyone on the compliance report. We will be restoring the ability to to see by Company ASAP in the upcoming sprints.If you want to see quick compliancy, you can search by a Team Member's name or create a custom Saved Group until this feature is restored.

Receiving A Point When Inspecting Your Own Action Plan

On the legacy site, you would receive a point for conducting an inspection on your own action plan. On the new site, you must conduct an inspection on another Keeley'ns action plan to receive an inspection credit.

Uncompliant Email Notification On The 25th

Previously, Team Members would receive an email on the 25th of the month if they did not have 4 completed APs and 4 Inspections. Now, someone can view if a person is compliant by going to the compliance tab. If a team member is shown with a red dot, they are uncompliant.

You can also use the quick filter on the compliance report to see all those uncompliant.

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