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i404 Admin Instructions

To navigate to the admin functions hover over your silhouette and select the admin function from the dropdown. You'll find many options under the admin function including: Custom Fields, Maintenance Mode, Site Branding, Tags, User Management and User Sync.

2. Click on Custom Fields

3. Click on Custom Fields

4. Click on Custom Fields

This will allow you to add new fields to the quadrant, business unit, etc.

5. Custom Field Values

6. Custom Field values allow you to add a field when creating a new AP

7. Click on Company Custom Field Mapping: This allows you to choose which company you want for your Action Plan.

8. Company Custom Field Value Mapping: This allows you to choose which custom field you want for your Action Plan.

9. Maintenance Mode allows for developers to disable the site for work to be completed on the backend to ensure the site is working properly.

10. Maintenance Mode:

11. Site Branding: This allows for users of different companies to change the colors, logos, fonts, etc. for the i404 site

12. Tags: These tags are from the legacy site. Admins can also edit the existing ones and they can filter by tag.

13. User management: These red and green dots tell if a user is inactive or active. You can make a person either active or inactive by changing the status.

14. Info just tells about the site. Add/Edit Client Info tells how a new client needs to set up the site for their own.

15. Sync Now: This syncs the new client

16. Scheduled Sync:

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