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i404 Admin Features Custom Fields

2. Hover over your silhouette.

3. Under your silhouette select "Admin".

4. Choose "Custom Fields"

5. Select the "Custom Fields" dropdown.

Editing custom fields will allow users to add another custom field. Users can add Business Units and provide it with a name.

6. Click on Custom Fields

7. Click on Custom Field Values

8. Click on Custom Field

Under Field Custom Field Values, users can select the new custom field that was created from the dropdown list that is provided.

9. Select one of the options under Custom Field Values. Either Business unit or Quadrant. If you select business unit, you will be able to then select one of the pre-determined business units. Additionally, you could add another business unit or quadrant.

10. Click on Custom Field Values. This shows users the business unit options.

11. Click on Quadrant. Just like with business unit, you can create a new quadrant or select a predetermined quadrant.

12. Click on Company Custom Field Mapping

13. Click on Company- This allows you to pick one of the companies that is predetermined.

14. Select one of the companies from the dropdown.

15. Click on Company

16. The company field mapping allows you to filter down on the company

17. Click on Company Custom Field Value Mapping. The purpose of this is allow users to filter down on specific business units within the company. The same thing can be done when quadrant is selected. Next to the plus sign, users can add their own company custom field value.

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