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i404 Admin Feature User Sync

2. Click on your silhouette, hover over the Admin dropdown and then select "User Sync."

3. The information section provides details to setting up a new user as well as instructions on how to do so.

4. In the Add/Edit Client info users need to select "Load Saved Info" as well as provide a Name, Tenant Id, Client Id, and Secret.

5. Next Users must select active and if they are an Azure SSO Client. Then you can either save the information or validate and save the updated or new client information.

6. Click on Sync Now. This will provide a dropdown where your client name should appear to be selected. Once you select the client name then select sync now.

7. Under scheduled sync, the admin can select their client, provide a client name, and schedule the CRON expression. The user can use this in combination with the Azure client to sync changes to the hierarchy into their system. To ensure the scheduled sync is active check the active box and then select save.

8. The job history will show all the previous jobs that have been run. The jobs will be displayed by a dropdown box and these jobs can be selected.

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