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i404 Admin Feature User Management

2. Hover over your silhouette and select it.

3. Under the dropdown hover over "Admin" and then select "User Management.

4. The main page for user management gives you an overview of the users, their active status, job title, email, and manager.

5. To filter on a specific user or group of users, select the funnel icon.

6. To find a user you can filter on their Display Name, Email, Manager, Role, Status or Source.

7. This icon is to clear all filters.

8. The status column indicates whether a user is active or inactive. Users with a red status icon are indicated as "inactive" and users with a green status icon are indicated as "active". The status can of users can also be changed in the user management feature.

9. When changing a status, you'll be prompted with this question. Admins can change the status back at any time.

10. The source can be edited under the source column.

11. The silhouette allows you to vie the users profile.

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